Sunday, November 20, 2005

George Jetson Goes Cow Tipping

I figured that by now we'd have cars like the Jetsons, and I don't think I'm alone in that. Yes friend, I feel that our scientific community has let us down with that regard. Instead of giving us cool stuff like Rosie the Housekeeping Robot and the machine that produces dinner with the push of a button, they've enslaved us with the Blackberry.

Then, I found this. Physicists wasting their time figuring out the physics behind Cowtipping instead of developing a way for all of us to have our own Jennifer Anniston.

Come on. Scientists of the world unite. It's time to use your powers for good!


lime said...

lol, coming from dairy country i gotta say i find this immensely useful information. hehehehe

Wiccachicky said...

hahahahaha - having actually gone cow tipping many times in my youth, that's pretty damn funny. We didn't care HOW the cow fell over, just as long as it did, and didn't chase us.

logo said...

I love the ignobel awards, given to scientists who find the most useless way to spend research dollars.
Former winners include:
researchers who showed Star Wars to locust,
researchers who determined swimming through syrup is the same as swimming water, among others.
I so missed my calling.

Blither said...

I'm baffled.. Freaking Baffled.

Maybe the scientist just want to drink bear and go cow tipping later. Jeesh Idiot.

Paul said...

I saw this too and I just couldn't help but start wondering when scientists and really good diagram makers would outline just how to microwave a friggin egg so it gets hard boiled without exploding.

Can we get that one next?

barefoot_mistress said...

While I myself have never been cowtipping, the teenagers here enjoy this activity on dark coutry nights. Moving here from the city 13 years ago, I thought this cow tipping was a rural myth....oh but no, it's not! They really do it.....crazy little shits!

Jenny said...

Reminds me of that scene in "Tommy Boy"...LOL