Friday, November 18, 2005

Look for this Blog on Ebay Soon

Before you get all impressed or depressed, in case you've done this for you blog and learned it was only worth $5,000 or something pathetic like that, please understand that I've been studying the fine art of Blogging for years, including a grueling apprenticeship under the famed and dreaded Sensei Dwong Nguyng Dong. I have a black belt in blogging, Hi-Yah!

My blog is worth $11,094,904.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Oh, hold it.
Did I mention that the amount above is for
My blog's value was like $5.68 and a bite size Butterfinger, so I thought I'd sex it up a bit with Yahoo's numbers. (I was gonna use Google's value, but $99,999,954,61 seemed a little over the top).
Prolly shoulda said that at the start, eh?
No early retirement here.


Ariella said...

I personally would give ya a whole shiny new nickel for it.
Whadda ya say?

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

mmmmmmm butterfingers.

I've got a bridge I wanna sell you.

Cool blog. Thanks for stopping by Recreational Use.

exile said...

my blog has put me in debt...

The Village Idiot said...

Indeed HMH, I almost caved when they offered my a butterfinger. If it had been full size, of even half a full size, I would have.

No deal ariella, unless there's chocolate scrumpiousness attached.

Your blog is worth every penny of that debt, exile. Rock on

lime said...

LOL. sok, mine ain't even wrth the bite sized butterfinger!