Sunday, November 06, 2005

In Celebration of my 138th Post

I'm pretty slow to catch on to this blogging thing.

I believe I'm the only blogger who has yet to mention the last Star Wars Movie, and I'm certainly the only blogger who neglected to mention both Star Wars AND the latest Harry Potter book. My team of crack reporters apparently got their name from using crack rather than doing a good job of finding stories.

In addition, I just learned that I was supposed to get all fired up and write some sort of special thing for my hundredth post, but I missed it. So, in honor of my 138th post, I'm posting a picture of something called "Bumpernuts", which I believe is the very thing that people have in mind when they look around for signs of the apocalypse. My first act as king will be to offer these for free to people, and then execute the people that actually take them.

Kicked Puppies, bringing you absolutely nothing of value for 137 posts and counting.


Ariella said...

Yes, but are you chocked full of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and partially-hydrogenated oils?

Didn't know enough to miss the Star Wars and Harry Potter posts, but when you take over, I would like to apply for the position of lead enforcer. I think I like your brave new world.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Congratulations on 137 posts Village Idiot! :-)
Those are some interesting "bumpernuts" ya got there. Are they on the back of your vehicle? ;-) Frankly, I'm not disappointed you didn't cover Harry Potter OR Star Wars. Yours are original posts! :-)


The Village Idiot said...

3t- God no! My vehicle has been neutered, just like Bob Barker said I should!

ariella- I'm 78% filler, preservative, nitrate, and beef lips with a smidge of puppy dog tails. The rest is burnin' funk.
What exactly would you like to enforce and do you have the requisite nude photos to submit with the application? (just kidding, unless you really have some)

the idiot

The Village Idiot said...

because you asked nicely,

rotflipbtwjotf is
rolling on the floor laughing in pain because there were jax on the floor.

the idiot

ttfn is
tater tots from Nixon

Justine said...

Oooooh, nice nuts idiot!

I believe I would like to be under secretary. I'll send my pictures, I mean application, soon. ;)

Congrats, and heres to 137 more just as funny as the last

The Villiage Idiot Brother In-Law said...

Jacks? If so, is regressing Mrs.Idiot or is the younger one just chillaxing on a Sunday afternoon


Jax Beer? Would that be number 11? If so, I seem to recall it being bad enough to celebrate spillage rather than feel pain.

barefoot_mistress said...

How does one know when 100 posts are achieved? And, who cares? :p

Seriously, you are hilarious.....I really enjoy your blog, and even your comments exceed the typical...

See you around! Congrats!

barefoot_mistress said...

Lets have more of that burnin' funk, shall we?

Wiccachicky said...

Hmmm...I must be out of the loop with you because I didn't mention either Harry Potter or Star Wars last week.

snavy said...

Hhmmm. I have never mentioned anything Star Wars related on my blog - ever. I have also, yet to post about the new harry potter - all the others - of course.

I'm gonna go ahead and pass on the bumpernuts - lmao!!

Which are you closer to - Ringe, Salem, Concord, Portsmouth, or the White Mountains?

The Village Idiot said...

snavylyn and wiccachicky-Yay! I feel so relieved to have found other bloggers who skipped reading the blogger manual!

justine- i don't know what an undersecretary does,but if you send pictures the job is yours.

vibil- jacks, like the game, you moron

snavylyn- idiotville is close to portsmouth... are you a new hampsterite also?

BarefootMistress- Yay! Thank you for the kind words and here's that funk...........(busts a serious batch of moves).

the idiot

Jodes said...

your supposed to keep track of your posts?? Shit I better start counting. Was it ok to say shit?

The Villiage Brother-In-Law said...


I thought I was a that better or worse than a moron?

The Village Idiot said...

jodes- that was truly funny.
no, it's no ok to say shit. Oops, ok, I guess it is.

vibil- moron is more endearing than simpleton.

the idiot

Pacific College Mom said...

Aaaaawwwww, Idiot, I am truly hurt.. was that a tiny, teeny dig? After all, there can only be one Idiot, and you are certainly a better man than I am. I just don't come equipped with the bumpernuts for the job...


The Village Idiot said...

no no no pcm, bumpernuts are an item for sale somewhere on the web. people actually buy them and hang them from their car.
at no time did i intend a dig!

Pacific College Mom said...

Ok, Idiot you are off the hook and on my hero list again. I thought you were jes pickin on me when you made the comment about Star Wars and HP books, since I have mentioned Both of them on my blog...
I have to maintain a certain decorum, don't ya know!
Hey, can I come to visit you when you are king of the world and famous and @#$%? I can sit adoringly at your feet and wait for you to spew wisdom to us masses... wink, wink

your devoted fan

Pacific College Mom said...

Thanks Idiot!

Man, a letter of recommendation from the king of the world... what a feather in my cap, eh? Pays to know the right people!!

I would love to get your letter, just to be able to show it off to my friends!

Your devoted slave,
Ps Knew it wasn't a dig, jes messin with yer mind.

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