Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Growing a Geek

My sainted mother came to visit the other day, bearing gifts because it was my birthday. (A special thank you shout out also goes to her partner in crime, whom we'll call MJ, for having the Idiot Family over for such a nice lunch that day!)

As always, they were thoughtful, wonderful gifts, but here's one of them:

She got me a "Grow a Geek" kit. She didn't actually say that she got it for me because she had raised a big geek and wanted me to know how it felt, but the look of sheer satisfaction on her face when I opened the gift in horror certainly hinted at it.

First a fart-spoon from my mother-in-law and now grow-a-geek from Mom. Apparently, public perception of the Idiot is far worse than I imagined, it's time to get the spin doctors back to work.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

(hehehehehehe) Aparently "mom" has a sense of humor much like her son! ;-) (I think I missed the fart spoon from the MIL though. Or my memory is bad)
WAIT. You don't think she was sending a hidden message in the gift do you? Nawwww. Mothers adore their boys!
A Happy Happy Birthday to you Village Idiot! :-)


The Village Idiot said...

Hey 3T!
Here's the Fart Spoon Story
I'm sure that the message was "you're a geek, son", and it wasn't that hidden, because she also knows I'm an idiot. Nonetheless, she still loves me.

Thanks for the Happy Birthday Wish!
the Idiot

barefoot_mistress said...

Well they didnt have grow an Idiot...so she got the next best thing! :P

Ariella said...

Happy Birthday you geeky idiot, you!
I need to know where to get those, I have a Christmas gift idea
*snicker snicker*

The Village Idiot said...

awww, shucks, y'all. thanks!

and, I called Mom, she was pleased with the comments!


Wiccachicky said...

lol - that's awesome! The closest I've gotten to that was a Chia Pet and a chemistry set.

The Village Idiot said...

Have you seen the Mr T chia pet? his mohawk is the plant. it's a riot.

wow, i am a geek

Anonymous said...

I think you need to show the action figure too and let your readers decide what's the best gift for an idiot. Christmas is coming and it might be helpful to know what to buy. Your simple poll would look like this:
Decide an the best gift for an idiot:
a) grow-a geek
b) Nancy Pearl action figure
c) chia pet
d) other ___________ ( write in )

Only 43 more shopping days until Christmas!